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Underground Kingdom

Underground Kingdom is a gamebook app for iPad and iPhone, adapted from an original Choose Your Own Adventure®* book.

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* Choose Your Own Adventure® is a registered trademark of Chooseco, LLC.

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For ipad & iphone

  • 21 different endings

  • Make decisions through the story

  • More than 50 animated illustrations

  • Interactive map with your progress

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Frequenly asqued questions

What is Underground Kingdom?

Underground Kingdom is an interactive gamebook for iPad and iPhone, adapted from the classic Choose Your Own Adventure®* book from Edward Packard. We will bring the experience to a new level, as it will include interactive features, amazing illustrations, animations and sounds.

What is a Gamebook?

Gamebooks can be defined as books where the reader make choices which affect the course of story. They are the origin of adventure videogames, as they let the reader make decisions and participate in a much more interactive way.

Choose Your Own Adventure®* is arguably the most popular series of the genre, so we want to take some of the best of these books and develop them into new digital adventures for iPad and iPhone.

How can I buy the app?

The app is in development, it will be available on the Apple appstore soon.

How can I help this project?

You can help by sharing this campaign and spreading the word about this project on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogs, Friends, etc.. We know there is a huge community of fans that read the series in their childhood and would love to read it again in this exciting new digital format, and pass it on to their children too!

In what languages will it be developed?

The application will be available in English and Spanish.

Choose Story

Logo Raka When this project started, our idea was to use the original stories, so we got in touch with Edward Packard, the creator of the concept for the series and author of the first *Choose Your Own Adventure book®, who offered to make some of his favorite books available to us and help us turn them into apps. We’re starting with "Underground Kingdom".

Logo ArchpodOur idea is to adapt more books from the original series. We will continue with Hyperspace, Invaders from within, Survival at Sea and Dinosaur Island.

We thought of presenting the idea to a publisher that would help us with funding and contacts, but we like the freedom of creating a product without corporate constraints that would hold back our project. Kickstarter seemed the perfect platform to raise funds and complete this great adventure. Take a look at our project on Kickstarter!